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Business Operation Positions in Education: The Ultimate Job for Candidates looking for Flexibility?

Are you tired of the corporate world and looking for a change in environment? Have you considered that you could do your same role within an education setting? Schools, Colleges and Training Centres are always looking for qualified and experienced individuals to support their running and management across HR and Finance. Rather than leaving your expertise behind, you can apply your skills to support schools and colleges in their business operations. One of the most significant things that people looking to move from corporate industry into teaching often worry about is the need to retrain. Training with education-specific programmes would be provided, but public sector organisations are increasingly looking for candidates with private sector skill-sets, knowledge and experience.

February 12, 2024

Finance Manager roles within schools and colleges are important and influential roles, often dealing with multi-million pound budgets. The transition from the corporate finance world into education is a rewarding one, knowing that your work will help contribute to the learning and achievement of the students.


For those looking for a role encompassing both HR and Finance, prospective and new employees can obtain their Level 4 Certificate in School Business Management (CSBM) a highly sought-after professional qualification capable of enhancing the operational efficiency of educational institution. The CSBM programme covers a wide range of topics such as budgeting, resource management, procurement, and compliance, making it the perfect bridge for those who are eager to apply their skills in a fulfilling career within the education sector.


Job Security

One of the benefits of working in education is the comparative security of a public sector contract, which comes as a relief at a time of economic uncertainty. There are ample opportunities for growth in roles such as HR and Finance, with salaries reaching up to £60k.


Working Parents

Non-teaching contracts within schools are especially suitable for parents with young children as contracts can often be over 41 weeks a year. School holidays align with the needs of busy parents, making it the perfect solution for working mothers and fathers looking to save on childcare costs over the long summer holidays and half-terms, and spend more time with your children during their breaks through the school year.


Education is an excellent sector to consider if you're looking for flexibility. For parents who want to work part-time or term-time only, it may be the perfect solution. If you're considering a career change and want to make a difference, then education might be the change you need to give your life more balance and job satisfaction.


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